About the Region

Slovenske gorice lie in the northeastern part of Slovenia, between the rivers Drava and Mura. They represent the largest Slovenian hilly area, which with their altitude and favorable climate represent optimal conditions for the development of agricultural activity, especially viticulture. The predominantly rural area with only a few attractive tourist spots is heavily dependent on financial and development incentives from the national and European level, so the role of local action groups is crucial for the further development of the area

The Local Action Group Ovtar Slovenskih goric (LAG Ovtar) unites ten (10) municipalities from the area of ​​Western Slovenske gorice (central part of Slovenske gorice), which are geographically connected and have many other common features

The total area of ​​the LAG Ovtar measures 404 km2, and in July 2019 there were 43.463 inhabitants in this area in all municipalities. It is worth to mention that the area in the north borders Austria, with which we cooperate very well in the field of international integration of local action groups as well as at the municipal and other levels.

LAG Ovtar connects the following municipalities:

  • Benedikt
  • Cerkvenjak
  • Duplek
  • Lenart
  • Pesnica
  • Sveta Ana
  • Sveta Trojica in Slovenske gorice
  • Sveti Andraž in Slovenske gorice
  • Sveti Jurij in Slovenske gorice
  • Šentilj

Scheme of division of municipalities in Slovenia by local action groups. LAG Ovtar is represented at number 23. 

LAS Ovtar Slovenija